Digitalization index

The DIGITALIZATION INDEX is your first step towards digitalization. By looking at your presence online, on social media, visibility on Google, digital communication and more than 50 other parameters our unique AI based algorithm will measure your business’s digitalization index and give you an easy-to-compare number that shows your current digital maturity. Based on your index we build a report that will give you insights about your business, and where digital transformation is needed.

Transformation toolbox

With our methodology based transformation toolbox we can assist you in the whole digitalization process. We offer professional workshops based on your company’s index report and guide you towards a higher and more profitable digital status. Our toolbox takes 
you through the process in different steps where our consultants help you develop your business from within with an action plan, implementation method and regular follow ups.

Cloud directory

In our CLOUD DIRECTORY you can find, compare and buy cloud services that fits your business’s needs. It’s an easy search function where you can search in the biggest directory for cloud services online today. Its easy to find the service you need, compare it to similar services and buy the one that suits your business the best.

The categories you find in the cloud directory are directly linked to your Digitalization Index report, so you easily see what kind of service you need, based on the result in your own Index Report.

More services

If you want to improve your digital index, need help in becoming more digital, or maybe have a new product you want to test, we also have these services that can make you more digital and give you a stronger digital presence.

You can start your digitalization process with requesting your digitalization index

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